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With 15 years in business management & banking experience, I am passionate about facilitating & supporting business & agribusiness owners tailor the right strategic solutions for this generation; & the next.


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Tanya Atkinson

Specialist Agribusiness & Business consultant
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Toowoomba, QLD
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"Enabling you & your business to reach your potential today & tomorrow."

My Story

Every boarding school & university holidays, from the age of 13, I worked behind the bar of my parents' pub in Quilpie. Anyone that's worked in hospitality will know that you donn many hats in this role; psychologist, mediator, advisor, project manager.....the list goes on.

It was here that I became intrigued in people's stories and the opportunity to help them solve their problems. It was also here, in my first management role at the age of 20, that I discovered I enjoyed managing staff as well & that their stories were just as important to achieve the best working relationship possible.

However, when looking to purchase my first home, I became frustrated when I couldnt find someone to help me solve my problems. At 22, I realized that what people needed was someone to give advice & education around finance & loans. So what do you do when you can't find what you're looking for? Well you join the bank to equip yourself with the knowledge & expertise to become that person. And that was how I started my career in the bank!

For 12 of those years I worked in management & leadership positions across various business & agribusiness portfolios across QLD. This experience enabled me to cultivate an expansive knowledge about banking, people, leadership & the importance of listening to your client's needs. It allowed me access to thousands of business & agribusiness owners, & the opportunity to hear their stories, to see what did; & just as importantly, what didn't work.

I am able to draw on this experience now, not only to solve my clients problems, but also to educate them so that they are equipped to be able to solve their own problems going forward.

For me, assisting people is not just about tackling the issue at hand, but gaining a firm understanding of their stories, their needs & their drivers to prevent it from happening again & to ensure success in the future.

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